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How To Sleep Faster (Two Secret Methods)

How To Sleep Faster

Hi everyone today the topic is how to sleep faster and there are two methods to share. I do these to relax and release any tension built up throughout the day.

If you prefer to a slightly summarized version in video form scroll to the bottom of the page.

Lets get into the first method

So when you are lying in bed simply start mentally scanning down your body.

How To Sleep Faster Mental Scanning Method

No, not this type of scanning.

If you don’t know what I mean by this, all I am referring to is focusing your attention on different body parts.

For example if you are mentally scanning down you face you start by focusing your attention at the top of your forehead.

Then moving down to your nose and cheeks and then your mouth and so on. As you are doing this you want to make a conscious and very deliberate effort to relax everything as you go.

The order that I personally use for this is:

  1. Head
  2. Front of torso
  3. Back of Torso
  4. Arms
  5. Legs

If you are finding that it is too difficult to do that much you can divide it up even more.

So for example you could do:

  1. Front of the head
  2. Back of the head
  3. Side of the head
  4. Etc,etc

It may take some practice but once you get the hang of it you can do it in 20 or 30 seconds or do it over 5 or 10 minutes.It’s really up to you but for me I have found the more time I spend on it the more relaxed I feel after.

I think one of the reasons this works at least from personal experience is that often we think we are in a relaxed state when we are simply lying in bed. However when you start scanning down you will probably discover that there is some tension built up in your body.

Doing this method should help release it, making it easier for you to get some shut eye.

Lets move on to the second method

I actually do this method directly after the first one. I recommend you do the same.

How To Sleep Faster Weight pressing down method

For this technique you simply focus your attention on the weight of your body against the mattress. By directing your attention to the sensations of your body pressing down it occupies your mind.

You will find that your mind will wander off and get caught up in thought but the trick here is so simply refocus your mind on the sensations.

This is a particularly good exercise to do if you are someone who is kept up at night because you are constantly thinking.

This a really great thing to do if you are somebody who keeps yourself up at night because you can’t stop thinking.

As with anything worthwhile it will take a little bit of practice but over time you should find that your mind will be quieter when you lie down to sleep at night.

Those are the two methods on how to sleep faster, I hope you give them a shot and find them useful.

How To Sleep Faster

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